Yongkee Co., Ltd
Yongkee Co., Ltd was established in 1951 by Mr. Somboon Kitaphanich with its main business in sourcing high quality automotive parts to be distributed to its customers in Thailand.

Yongkee is well-trusted by its business affiliates both domestic and overseas with a wide product coverage of more than 500 items which are classified into the following;


Yongkee distributes its products to more than 1,000 auto part dealers nationwide including exports to more than 30 countries in South East Asia, Middle East, South Africa and Latin America.

Yongkee distributes a variety of automotive parts for commercial vehicles
under the following brands;

Yongkee’s brands are widely recognized and accepted in the automotive spare parts business through its quality standards in terms of functionality and durability.


4Q - Quality Policy


Yongkee Co., Ltd. is committed to be the leading distributor of quality automotive parts by following the company’s 4Q quality policy (Q-Product, Q-Service, Q-Information, Q-Logistics) which enables the company to provide higher service standards in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


Leading Aftermarket Automotive Parts Distributor in ASEAN



• Determined to distribute quality aftermarket automotive parts
• Achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing variety of
products at a reasonable price and effective delivery in order to
meet our customer’s delivery requirements.
• Develop business partnership with potential manufacturers in
order to enhance the company’s core competitiveness for
sustainable growth of the company’s business alliances and
distribution networks both domestically and overseas.

Company History

“ Each part is the heart of success ”


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